Our “Total Solution” Services

When your product is designed at home and manufactured thousands of miles away what do you need from your packaging solutions partner?

  • Someone that understands the retail requirements and your marketing needs.
  • Someone that understands the manufacturing methods for all the different materials involved.
  • Someone equipped with all the latest testing equipment and personnel to make sure your product is well protected.
  • A quick turnaround time-line so you can present your product with final packaging to your customer

Most importantly, you need the assurance that whatever you design is going to be mass producible and have the best efficiency when it comes to manufacturing, pack-out, or assembly.

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All of that, is what we do…

Product Development Phase: Design/Engineering/ Sampling /Testing

Customer Service Phase: Manufacturing/Logistics

Our Packaging Services

Take a look at the “total solution” packaging services we offer:

Concept Design

Concept design in China. Learn more.

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Bring market knowledge together with manufacturing (Pro-E & Auto-Cad). Learn More. 

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Full range of materials including: injection, thermoforming, digital, hand-craft rigid box etc. Learn More. 

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Material reliability – shipping transportation testing protocolsLearn More.

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Brand Consistency & Color Management

Building a color profile for brand consistency across multiple OEMs and mixed material is imperative to maintaining exact color and quality. Learn More.

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Full range of materials manufacturing in-house. Learn More.

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Contract Packaging & Assembly

Peak Season, Device launches, China and CA fulfillment with massive space and labor ready to go when you are. Learn More. 

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Logistics & Distribution

China consolidation or bundling from multiple countries, FTZ available, logistical options to save you costs. Learn More. 

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Product Development Phase: Design/Engineering/ Sampling /Testing

1. We go through a detailed data gathering period to assure that our teams understand your needs. This includes: likes and dislikes, specific retailers, foot-print size requirements, budget, quantity, logistical info, and detailed time-line.
2. From there our product development teams will work with our design lab to create the digital renderings and get customer feedback before giving a formal quote.
3. Our teams provide material selections and printing treatments to allow the customer to make an educated decision that meets with cost targets, but remains unique and creates the perceived value on the shelves.

Depending on the complexity of the program, we can review customer samples and complete pricing and digital renderings in 24-48 hours. At the same time, our teams are working with the QA/QC dept. to make sure what we are designing and quoting passes testing.

We want to provide a menu of options and help educate our customers to all available options and the effects to cost and lead-time.

Customer Service Phase: Manufacturing/Logistics

Then with approved artwork and POs, we can have raw materials finished in 10-14 working days and ready for assembly.

Every material is different, but GPA Global is able to bring it all together harmoniously and have it delivered on time.

Different core materials that we work with are: SHOW ICONS
• Printed Paper (in-house manufacturing)
• Printed Plastic (in-house manufacturing)
• Injection Plastic (in-house manufacturing)
• Thermoformed Plastic (in-house manufacturing)
• Molded Pulp (in-house manufacturing)
• Digital Printed Acrylic / POP displays (in-house manufacturing)
• Metal (not in-house)
• Wood (not in-house)

If you are interested in our innovative packaging solutions, please contact us.