Custom Retail Packaging

GPA Global provides a number of services to help with all of your retail packaging needs.

In retail, the goal is really to stand out on the shelf and catch the eye of anyone who walks by. Then get the consumer to pick up the package off the shelf and touch and feel the package. Our retail product packaging services are focused on ensuring that your product looks great on the shelf and gets put in the cart.


Total Solution

Total Solution

When you are searching for a packaging company, you’ll be faced with a number of options. GPA Global is your total solutions partner starting with the critical concept design, material process selection, packout IE engineering and develop to manufacturing the most creative and cost effective retail packaging available today. Plus, we run a clean operation and utilize the most suitable materials and process to assure you are receiving a consistent quality product from one to the next.

Speed to Market

Speed to Market

We work efficiently to have your packaging ready when you need it. In many cases packaging needs to be designed and refreshed annually or even more frequently. The entire product assortment has to continue to look fresh and new. Our engineers can work with CAD files of your product and have packaging designed, sampled, and tested all before you even make tooling of the product itself. You can have prototypes and pricing on packaging for the entire assortment before the product is even ready. This is a huge advantage in the marketplace; others may have to wait months for samples before they have accurate pricing or prototypes to show buyers. Then keep doing that every year, also add trade show production samples to keep pushing out new ideas and designs before anyone else.



When you work with GPA Global, we review all your logistics to ensure your project is complete on schedule and on budget. We have locations in the US and Asia. We can give you a number of options for your retail packaging needs, including the following:


We ship materials to your OEM factory.


We manufacture your materials in China, and you ship your product to our facility for assembly and palletization.


We can ship materials from China to our California facility, where we do assembly and palletization of bulk goods.


We can manufacture materials and complete assembly in our California location.

The point is, we work with you every step of the way to find the most cost-effective solution for your timeline.