Premium Product Packaging

Design and material selection to create highest perceived value and the ultimate consumer un-boxing experience.

GPA Global is a packaging company equipped to provide a total solution for our customers.

We start with the concept design in China, and from there we move on with engineering, material selection (with detailed quote options using US standards), manufacturing, contract packaging, and finally, distribution. The result is cost-effective, quality, custom packaging that can change as rapidly as the market does.

Today the package sells the product as much, or even more, than the product does. What message is it telling your customer? What is the perceived value of your product when looking or holding the packaging? How does your complete assortment of items look together on the shelf, is your branding consistent? GPA Global works to provide you with premium packaging services at an affordable price. Choose from any material, including printed paper, printed plastic, rigid set-up box, molded pulp, injection plastic and acrylic, thermoform plastic, metal, natural material and much more.

Crossing Boundaries



Combining US marketing knowledge with Chinese manufacturing knowledge to produce something unique that is manufacturable. Concept design is the critical first step of packaging development. Typically companies are outsourcing to expensive US design firms to create a concept and then trying to have their Chinese OEM factory outsource this design with a local printing or plastic packaging factory. The design may look good on paper, but:

  • Can it be manufactured cost effectively?
  • Can it be assembled easily to lower labor costs on the assembly line?
  • Do they ensure your product passes transit testing?
  • How scalable is your design?
  • Are you using the latest material and printing treatment options?
  • How is the out-of-box experience?



Access to a full range of material options manufactured in-house.

Printed Paper

Printed Plastic

Injection Plastic

Thermoformed Plastic

Molded Pulp

Digitally-Printed Acrylic





Cross cultural understanding. Packaging is much more than protection that is discarded. It is a major contributor to selling the product. This perspective that packaging creates the perceived value during the purchase decision as well as long-term brand value and how important the out-of-box experience is today.