August 29, 2016

Packaging That Invites Touch Can Make Your Product Stand Out

You can look–and you can touch! The latest trend in the packaging world appeals to customers’Finger tip touch sense of touch rather than sight alone. A recent article on Packaging Word points out that while visual appeal is important, it leaves the other four senses in the dark.

Despite marketers’ best creative efforts, options for developing original and enticing visual marketing strategies are dwindling. The top marketing teams in the industry are refreshing their strategy by using packaging that invites touch.

Touchable packaging helps your customers have a positive emotional reaction to your product. In order to gather information about the world around them, humans use their five senses: sight, sound, taste, smell and touch. When packaging entices customers through real or suggested sensory elements, marketers have the opportunity to appeal to customers from an additional angle.

Using tactile elements, instead of verbal or visual elements alone, can give you another avenue to develop your personal brand. Adding a unique touch element is a powerful way to distinguish your brand from competitors.

With advancements in digital printing, it is easier than ever to add tactile elements to your packaging that will make your brand more appealing!

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