There is tremendous benefit of having all of our engineering under one roof. Engineering is specific to each material and GPA Global brings them all together. Paper, plastic, pulp, and other materials work together, so that changes in one item can be quickly addressed across the entire Bill of Materials. Limitations of each materials can be reviewed in one meeting so the team understands how changes affect all parts.

Our packaging engineers are very experienced in each area of expertise we focus on and experts have Pro-E or Auto CAD software and all the latest technology tools at their disposal. Top paper, plastic forming, or pulp engineers work with structural and industrial engineers to bring it all together. GPA Global engineer are required to have at least 10 years of field experience, and some of our engineers have over 20 years of experience. Learn more about our team.

One example was the engineering for a client that had not yet begun tooling on their product and needed to have a complete packaging assortment of 64 unique items all designed, tested, and quoted. Our engineers were able to use 3D printing technology to recreate all the items, then build the CAD design files for all the materials needed and create prototypes of each, then our testing lab was able to test all materials to everyone’s satisfaction and product development team was able to cost out each item in the BOM for a complete turn-key packaging solution before the first item was made. The Client had the entire year’s assortment finished before the product was ready. That is real “Speed to Market”.

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