October 17, 2016

GPA Funded Greenhouses Benefit 84 Families

GPA Global was happy to fund 6 greenhouse projects in Xynhua and Guide Counties in Western China to aid families in need through Captivating International. Our funding was able to Greenhouse Veggiesbenefit 84 families and 120 children.

The greenhouse gardens yield organic, high-quality vegetables that the families are able to profit from selling at market. The greenhouses allow them to grow produce on a nearly year-round basis.

One woman named Dejyid said she earned enough money to cover her daughters’ schooling, an expense she has struggled to afford in the past. She expressed her gratitude for the new greenhouses.

“We are so determined to work hard and I am quite confident of being able to send all three girls to school for the rest of their schooling,” Dejyid said.

Check out some of the photos below for a closer look at our project.

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