Contract Packaging & Assembly

As a turn-key product packaging solution company, we offer complete packaging assembly and contract packaging and fulfillment services.

Brands benefit from contract packaging for a number of reasons, including the following:


Cuts down costs.


Increases speed to market during peak seasons.


Gives you the opportunity to bundle from multiple OEM’s or multiple countires.

Contract packaging services include the following:



Shrink Wrapping


Pouching & Filling

Boxing & Sealing

Hand Craft Rigid Box Construction

Digitally-Printed Acrylic

and more


You should consider working with a contract packaging company for a number of reasons.


The company provides the equipment and labor, which often is costly to take on in-house. It also will save you time and stress to have a company handle this end step.


Scale and space needs to be a careful consideration. Most industries have big seasons like holiday season or device launches and most OEMs do not have the space or labor to manage these very busy times of year. China has complex labor laws and companies cannot just hire and fire people based on their volume needs, so factories will be very slow to add any people and make sure that any additional personal are going to be busy year round. Same goes for space, which is at a premium. Who is going to have a massive warehouse to handle volume that is only happening 3 months out of the year? GPA Global is so diverse with our customers, materials, and labor needs that we have the need for the big factory campus and larger experienced labor teams that are working year round.


In addition, a full-service packaging company like ours ensures that you won’t have to worry about all of the logistics of getting your packaging where it needs to go as quickly as possible. Plus, we understand the stringent manufacturing requirements that go along with your product packaging.